The Flamenco Series

We’re about to start a new series on Copla. Before we do, we thought it would be a good idea to round up all the Flamenco posts and put links to them all in one place. You can find them all after the break.

1. Las Alegrías
2. Soleá, Soleares y Bulerías
3. Fandangos de Huelva
4. Las Sevillanas: the beginning
5. Sevillanas: the present day
6. La Zambra
7. Regional Variations (Málaga)
8. Regional Variations (Granada)
9. Cantes de Las Minas
10. Cantes de Ida y Vuelta (1)
11. Cantes de Ida y Vuelta (2)
12. Cantes de Ida y Vuelta (3)
13. Flamenco in Cádiz (1)
14. Flamenco in Cádiz (2)
15. Sierra Morena
16. A Celebration
17. Solo Artists (1)
18. Solo Artists (2)
19. Solo Artists (3)
20. Family Sagas (1)
21. Paco de Lucía
22. Three To Follow
23. ¡Castanets!
24. Two Rocíos
25: Los Farrucos: My dance is my legacy
26. Favourites this year
27. Breaking the mold
28. Different Routes to recognition
29. Arcángel
30. Enrique Morente and Family
31. A few we couldn’t leave out (1)
32. A few we couldn’t leave out (2)
33. The Origins

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