Enrique de Melchor RIP

The Flamenco guitarist Enrique de Melchor died yesterday at the age of 61. He was one of the best of his generation, as highly regarded as both Paco de Lucía and Manolo Sanlúcar. Born Enrique Jiménez Ramírez in Marchena, Seville, he was the son of the guitarist Melchor de Marchena from whom he took his stage name. A brilliant accompanist, he played with the likes of José Mercé, El Lebrijano, José Menese and Carmen Linares amongst others. He “understood the secrets of el cante” better than any other of his generation according to those who were lucky enough to sing with him.

Here are a couple of performances, by way of tribute:
First off a “Soleá“:

And here’s a “Rondeña“:

2 Responses to Enrique de Melchor RIP

  1. Hoshino Sakura says:

    Hi Mr and Mrs Maki ! ! !

    I am in Sendai this weekend and listening to Flamenco with Ryuchi ! ! !

    I hope you are well ! ! !


    Sakura x x

  2. maki says:

    Hi Sakura

    Glad you and Ryuchi are enjoying the Flamenco and having a weekend together!

    Hope you are both well and wonder if you have set a date yet?

    We are fine but very, very busy at work and don’t seem to have much time for the ‘Spill these days.

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