Welcome to Casa Maki

So, this is Maki’s new home…

Believe it or not, the photo is of the first house I ever lived in. OK, a small flat over the main entrance and yeah, that’s me in the foreground. Mrs Maki took the photo on one of our rare visits back to the UK in 2007.

Anyway, this place is somewhere for me to let off steam. Post even more obscure Spanish and other stuff than I do elsewhere! I’ll probably post other bits and pieces that come my way or that simply pop into what passes for my brain. In the unlikely event that anyone out there should want to join in (and you’d be more than welcome) all you have to do is mail me at: makinavajarr@gmail.com for an invite.

8 Responses to Welcome to Casa Maki

  1. tincanman says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. makinavaja says:

    Thanks mate. Do pop in from time time. please!

  3. saneshane says:

    that is some house…. nice place you have here too.

  4. makinavaja says:

    Hi Shane – it’s Kiplin Hall near Richmond in N Yorks. There were a number of flats there used by the RAF during WWII. My parents rented one of them at the beginning of the sixties as Dad had started work on The Northern Echo in Darlington and needed somewhere to live while house hunting. It’s now a private trust/museum type of thing. I get in free cos I used to live there! Still love visiting, although if I’m honest I have absolutely no recollection of having lived there. The old crone who owned the place was reluctant to rent the flat to my parents until she found out that Mum had a grey part-arab mare and was willing to rent one of the stables. Dad still chuckles as he tells the tale of the old lady who didn’t want him there but was persuaded because his wife had a horse!

    • shane says:

      the stables were the luxury part and your folks got the pokey flat – judging from the horsey people I’ve known.

      When you said that, I though of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency or The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul (Douglas Adams books) there is a horse that keeps going through a doorway in time and ending up in digs at Cambridge.. but no-one can fathom out how it gets to an upstairs flat. (if you haven’t read them – ignore this as normal shane rambling)

      I think I might need to sleep.

  5. makinavaja says:

    Hey Shane

    We got the pokey flat alright. Here’s a link with a picture of the very same bath where my mother lovingly bathed me all those years ago.

    I’m familiar with the books. Did you know horses can “do” up stairs? It’s the down bit they can’t handle!

  6. Hi Maki. Nice place you have here! Can I sign up to get notifications of new posts? Don’t see anything! Would like to pop in as time permits…

    • maki says:

      Hi SR

      If you’re logged into wordpress, just click on the follow button at the top of the page (on the left hand side next to the like button).

      new post in about half an hour, coincidentally.

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